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If you ever need someone to talk to I'll always be here for you. I'm always willing to listen.

Why hello there! The name's Terrence. I'm the type of person who love the thought of adventure. I love to live everyday to the fullest. Art is my passion and music is my love.

Speaking of which, I LOVE anime/manga! I'm a DBZ fan boy and I LOVE the Monster Hunter franchise! I draw my own anime characters a good bit. I really enjoy video game music a lot. One day I WILL travel to Japan to enjoy everything about it.

Always looking for new ways to understand life. Things will never remain the same.

I'm just here to lend a voice. To be a helping hand if possible. Just here to learn more about life and realize the reasons behind the actions of man.

Customize, illustrate, demonstrate my life to you. Explain my beliefs and opinions on certain matters. I speak the truth within my words. I would like everyone to see what I see, if that is even possible.

So one of my good friends proposed to his girlfriend yesterday at Warped Tour. Oh, look who the best man is. All I got to say is you go, boy. Haha

And yes. He was so nervous that he put the ring on the wrong finger, truth be told. Lol

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    Perfect. There’s a boy with a SWS shirt, there’s a girl with a BVB shirt. They’re getting married. AND THERE’S KELLIN
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    This would make my day if my engagement pictures had Kellin Quinn in the background making a heart! Heck I wish he would...
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