Forgotten Soul

If you ever need someone to talk to I'll always be here for you. I'm always willing to listen.

Why hello there! The name's Terrence. I'm the type of person who love the thought of adventure. I love to live everyday to the fullest. Art is my passion and music is my love.

Speaking of which, I LOVE anime/manga! I'm a DBZ fan boy and I LOVE the Monster Hunter franchise! I draw my own anime characters a good bit. I really enjoy video game music a lot. One day I WILL travel to Japan to enjoy everything about it.

Always looking for new ways to understand life. Things will never remain the same.

I'm just here to lend a voice. To be a helping hand if possible. Just here to learn more about life and realize the reasons behind the actions of man.

Customize, illustrate, demonstrate my life to you. Explain my beliefs and opinions on certain matters. I speak the truth within my words. I would like everyone to see what I see, if that is even possible.

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ドラゴンボールスタイリング ブルマ【通常版】

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yup, that’s me!

yup, that’s me!

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I hope you all had a goodnight/day. Hitting the sack with a ton of bricks now.

Goodnight all :’]

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How things are After

Due to your busy lifestyle we don’t talk much anymore.

With each day that passes I feel like I’m losing you even more.

Your lack of communication has left me scared.

Wondering if you still care. Wondering if you’re still there.

My constant thoughts break me down, even when they’re just speculation flying around.

I ponder over you with someone else. While I’m here with no one else.

Did you leave me for that which you told, or did you get bored like those who have before?

I think about the days before the passing of the moon when you’d talk with me everyday. You’ve swoon my heart in such a way. Molding it from it’s disarray.

Distance is killing me in such a way. I still wish to be with you someday.

How do you build someone up to bring them down?

I know you don’t mean to inflict this pain, but it’s something I’ve felt since then. I try not to complain.

I want you to know how I feel.

It’s just me here with our promises sealed.

I wish to vanquish this pain. Why must I feel this way again? 

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lovelyasia replied to your post“lovelyasia replied to your photo:When I went bike riding with friends…”
well stop being so adorable, some of us can’t take it
I can try, but there are no grantees or money back haha But thank you thought ^.^ 

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